NoaA Early Learning Volume 3 Unconnected? Collected! Sweet Avon

Turn of the Century Tunes

Between 1999 and 2002 I put together 3 CDs of music. Most of the following tracks come from those collections...

A Brief Blast in a Metal Box

Operate to the Brevity

Arithmetic and Intuition #4 (As the Crow Flies)

A Ryngyng of Bells Towards Evening

Dark Diminished Popcycle Preset (Live)


Unsubtracting Signs

I got back into making music when I broke my leg in 1999 and was laid up, away from work for a few weeks. Hence the title of the 6th track above! I had an old keyboard that I used as a MIDI controller for my computer and started playing again, initially working with soft synths and soundfonts, and then getting a new hardware synth in 2000. Before that I'd not really done anything musical since the early 1980s.