Java Utilities Library

My Java Utilities Library (JUL) is intended as a self-contained example of object-oriented design, including appropriate documentation. It also provides a few neat tools that you might find useful when developing an application.

There is comprehensive API documentation available in the standard JavaDoc format.

There are three distinct jar files available:

Java Shapes

This is a simple graphics program that supports rectangles, ellipses and lines. It is intended as a Swing-based example of a small scale stand-alone application You can check out the help page here.


Or - Yet Another Boolean Expression Utility. This has been tested on Windows 7 (64 bit) and Windows XP. It seems to work just fine on Windows 7. However, on XP, Mode 3 sometimes doesn't work... and sometimes it does. Please note that it is a 32 bit application. You can find some discussion of this application here.