A Sample Analysis

The following analysis refers to the Overtly Educational Orchestra Brief given on the previous page.

The Analysis

The analysis shown below should not be taken as a final document. Rather this draft would form the basis of further discussions with the client to refine their requirements.

The target audience for the group seems quite wide, as it potentially includes the users of the service (these can include children as well as adults that participate in the music workshops), the clients of the service (that is the schools etc that employ the OEO), as well as customers seeking to buy music. Making a single site that will meet the needs of these different groups will be very challenging.

The workshop participants will expect content geared to their experience of music making. For this group we would ideally include fun interactive music exercises, although this would require additional work designing and programming web applications. The different age ranges of these users could be accomodated by grading the exerices. In contrast, the service clients will expect a more formal site, with information about pricing of workshop services, details about required space and equipment and so forth.

I would suggest focussing the site on workshop participants, but with clear navigational markers for the other types of potential user.

Copies of the existing OEO publicity material will be a great help in eventually developing the visual apperance of the site.

If there are a large number of members in the orchestra, then obtaining images and copy for all the individual pages could be quite difficult. A solution to this would be to start with a small number of pages, for the principle players, and then gradually add more pages as the material becomes available.

All video and audio files should be made available as soon as possible so that the necessary site resources, in terms of storage and bandwidth, can be clearly evaluated.

Would the comments page be in the form of a blog where anyone could add their comments? If so, we strongly suggest moderating all posts to the site, although this would add some administrative burden to the operation of the site it would eliminate the chance of inappropriate material being posted. Alternatively, the comments page could be static, containing pre-approved quotes from satisfied participants and customers.

It is not clear if the OEO already have a domain name. Although the full name of the organization is memorable, it is perhaps too long for a domain name. However, the alternative brief oeo is a little opaque. Further discussion with the client is necessary on this issue.

Question Mark LogoFurther Questions

I would also want to ask the client the following questions:

  1. Should the site emphasize students or client organizations?
  2. How many members are there in the orchestra? (Because each member is going to have a page).
  3. Are there electronic copies of logos etc available?
  4. Are their CDs already for sale on existing music sites? If so is a link to these sites acceptable, or do OEO want to process their own sales?
  5. What is the budget for the site?
  6. Would a more basic version of the site be an acceptible deliverable for the conference, with the full site coming later?
  7. What are the OEO's thoughts on a domain name?

The response of the client to the analysis and their answers to the questions would provide a sound basis to move forward and begin the design of the site.

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