The Dreamweaver Document Window

The Dreamweaver document window shows you the web pages and style sheets that you are currently working on. Each file has its own tab in the window:

The window allows you to view a file either in design view, as shown above, or in code view (roll over the image), where you can inspect the actual HTML, JavaScript and CSS code being used to generate the page. If you prefer you can have both views active at the same time! You can also, for example, set the title for an HTML page, check the page for browser compatibility, and change how the page is to be rendered in this window.

Note the narrow gray bar across the bottom of this window. This shows the portion of the DOM that contains the currently selected element. This is not just for information, it also allows you to select parent elements by clicking on their tag in the bar.

Also, remember that style sheets only have a code view and do not present a visual design view.

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