The Dreamweaver Properties Window

The Dreamweaver properties window is a context-sensitive panel that updates to reflect the properties relevant to the particular object that you have selected in the main document window. The example below shows the appearance of the properties window when an image is selected:

Properties Window

This shows the size of the image, the location of its source file, its Alt text and whether the image has an asociated link, along with a number of other editing options. The bottom half of the windows shows the controls for making an image map for the image and setting the link target.

If a portion of text was selected instead, then the properties window would look like the example below. Note the two buttons on the left to toggle between HTML properties and CSS properties:

Properties Window

In the HTML case, the window shows basic text relevant properties such as Format, Font, ID and Class information. Note that, like the image properties, this window contains information about links. It also has a button to access properties relevant to the whole page.

CSS Properties Panel

This shows the style relevant properties including the curretly targetted CSS rule and some of the associated properties. The Edit Rule button opens the standard style rule definition dialogue.

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