The Dreamweaver Toolbar

Dreamweaver has a very standard Windows style menu and toolbar arrangement in the top left corner of the window. If you are used to using Windows programs, this should seem very familiar:

Dreamweaver Toolbar

The menu is similar to the menu in most Windows programs, and you will recognize most of the options, such as File, Edit and View from word processors and spreadsheets. Some of the other menu options, such as Commands and Site, for example, are more specific to Dreamweaver.

To the right of the menu are some icons for selecting which layout is being used, to manage Dreamweaver extensions and to manage sites. All of these controls are also available on the main menu entries - the icons are simply for convenience.

Exactly which toolbars show underneath depends on the Window settings that you have for your Dreamweaver environment. The example shown here has the insert window active and positioned as a toolbar below the menu.

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