Positioning Multiple Images

This example page shows how clear can be used to help position images and descriptive text in a page.

GlasshouseThe picture on the right shows the detailed iron work in the interior of one of the many fine glasshouses in the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh.

Chan TempleThis image shows the main hall of a Chan Temple in Taiwan. Look at the polish on that floor! The temple complex is huge, with lots of buildings, many of which were closed to the public. Of course, there was the obligatory gift shop Smiley

Rather oddly, in all the time we were there I didn't see a single monk anywhere!

The whole trip was an amazing experience and you can see more photos of the temple here.

Notice that if the text becomes long enough then it will flow around the associated image as before, but the text for the next image will always stay lined up correctly.

Sunset over LeithThis glorious sunset was taken from my living room window one autum evening.The day had been very misty, but by evening it had turned into this!

The full gallery is here...

Look at the source to this page and see if you can see how the text is being forced to stay with its associated image. You could try removing the clear attributes from the descriptive paragraphs to see what the page would look like without them!

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