Yet Another Boolean Expresion Utility

This simply C# utility program provides a range of tools to help solve problems like those detailed in the Seven Segment LED example.

If you want to download the installer for this program, you can find it here. Note that the source files for the project are available separately, so you can take a look at how it's been put together. Although most of this program is written in C#, the heavy lifting in Mode 3 of the workflow is performed using a Prolog program (info here). This is integrated into the main C# program using Uwe Lesta's library for connecting SWI-Prolog into .NET. Excellent stuff Uwe, thanks!

If you want to know how to use the program, then you can read the help documentation.

Program Overview

The system is composed of two separate assemblies. The first is in the name space ASch.BooleanExpression. This provides a range of general Boolean utilities. From an MVC perspective, these classes implement the model. The second assembly is ASch.ExpressionTabulator which then applies those utilities to solving some specific problems. From an MVC perspective, these classes implement the view and the controller.

Rather than provide a long description of how all this code is put together, I've provided a link to the API documentation as generated by doxygen and a link to a zip file containing all the source files.

As noted above, some of the functionality is provided by an embedded Prolog program. You can find a description of that element here.

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