Coding Standards

Most languages have one or more published standards. Here are some useful links:

JavaScript Standards

JavaScript is pretty much the only choice for client-side scripting. There is a lot of bad JavaScript code out there. Perhaps more people need to heed some standards.

Doug Crocford's Standards

It is fair to Doug Crockford has done more to make JavaScript a save, usable language than anyone else! His standards are based on Sun's original standards for Java, but modified for the particular features of JavaScript.

Google's JavaScript Standards

Given how heavily involved Google are with web-based system, it would be surprising if they didn't have a set of standards for JavaScript.

W3School's JavaScript Standards

One of the principle on-line sources of JavaScript documentation and tutorials, the W3Schools have some thoughts on standards too.

PHP Standards

If I'm honest, I find PHP a pretty ugly language. For me, it falls into the category of "a programming language designed by someone who had no business designing a programming language." Oops, did I just say that out loud? Anyway, anything that can help improve it has to be a good thing.

Both of these standards are published by the PHP Framework Interop Group:

Basic Coding Standard

This is the bit intended to ensure interoperability between shared PHP code.

Coding Style Guide

Extending the previous guide, this describes recommended formatting options.

Prolog Standards

My favourite language, as I like to tell people at every opportunity. Although this is mainly considered a language for academics, there are still published code standards.

Coding Guidelines for Prolog

Actually, most of the published standards are derived from this one published paper. Given that the list of authors reads like a brief who's who of Prolog development, that's probably fair enough.

Prolog Programming Guidelines

Published by Sylvain Soliman, this guide strays off into non-standards based discussion toward the end. However, most of it is decent.

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