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The following links contain some useful information for various topics in Digital Photography:

General Links

There are some tutorials and lots of photo galleries at:

An excellent source of articles and tutorials:

News, reviews, articles and challenges in plenty at:

Photoshop Sites

The Photoshop Essentials site has some excellent material:

Digital Exposure

Getting a good photo is a combination of many different factors. Exposure is one of the key technical aspects that you need to understand in order to ensure that the basic image you capture in your camera contains as much detail as possible. Exposure is controlled by three separate elements: aperture, shutter speed and film speed.

The site Cambridge in Colour has a range of good tutorials, incuding this one:

There are also a series of pages on the Photon Head site covering the same material:

Digital Image Artifacts

The following series of articles from the dphoto website provides some basic information on the kinds of problems that can arise with digital photography as a result of problems with the camera technology itself. This information will be useful when you are working on the documentation for the unit:

Free Digital Imaging Tools

Although Adobe PhotoShop is the industry tool, this is very expensive and poor students keen to remain legal need to seek alternatives.

The Gnu Image Manipulation Program (or GIMP as it is more usually known) is an excellent free tool that does almost much eveything that Photoshop can:

Picasa is a simple tool from Google which can do some basic image processing:

Psychological Colour Theory

The following sites contain some good cross-cultural material on the psychological importance of colour:

Information Is Beautiful has a great info graphic showing the meaning of colours across a range of cultures.

Color Matters has an extensive discussion of the meaning of colours.

The Color Wheel Artist has some similar material.

As do the Empower Yourself with Color and Incredible Art sites.

Colour Wheels

The Color Wheel Artist has a clear example of colour wheel.

The Color Scheme Designer is a great tool.

Adobe also have an on-line tool for creating colour schemes.

Smart Bear has a different take on colour wheels - read the comments too!