Key Skills

There are a number of key skills that are important to develop to ensure that your digital image processing techniques are as sharp as possible. The sections below detail the different areas of skill you should be working on.

Photoshop Essentials logoRather than repeat a lot of information that is already available on the web, I shall generally link to a selection of the excellet tutorials already available on the Photoshop Essentials site. Please note that other tutorial sites are available.


Often the difference between an excellent image edit and an obvious and cludgy edit is simply the skill and precision that has gone into the initial selection.

You can find more details on selection tools here...Here


Layers are one of the most important topics in Photoshop. They are so improtant that the Photoshop Essentials site say "Nothing worth doing in Photoshop can or should be done without layers."

You can find more details on using layers here...Here

Blend Mode

Blend modes control how one layer interacts with the layers beneath it. By changing blend modes it is possible to create a range of sophisticated effects.

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