Colour Balance

Colour BalanceThis technique allows you to modify the colour balance in your image by adjusting the relative levels of complementary pairs of colours. The pairs take each primary colour and pair it with its complementary secondary colour: Red/Cyan, Green/Magenta and Blue/Yellow. Thus, using this tool, increasing the red levels in an image also reduces the cyan. These pairs can usually be adjusted separately for different sections of the image, allowing you to adjust the shadows, midtones and highlights separately.

In Photoshop, this tool is on the Image>Adjustments menu and also on the Layers>New Adjustment Layer menu. In the GIMP this tool can be found on the Tools>Colour Tools menu and also directly on the Colours menu.

You can find an example of this tool's use in the worked example here.


There's a 60 second colour balance video tutorial on YouTube.

A more detailed tutorial with a worked example can be found here.

Finally, although written for CS2, this tutorial covers all the necessary basics.

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