Workflow: Uploading Images

You need to regularly upload the images from your camera to more permanent storage on your computer. There are a variety of different methods that you can use for this task, each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, which you should consider.

  1. USB cable
  2. card reader
  3. wireless connection

You may be able to think of other techniques for transferring images from your camera to your computer...

USB cableUSB Cable

The USB cable connects your camera to the computer. The larger plug fits into a USB socket on your computer and the smaller plug fits into a socket on your camera. Using this technique the memory card remains inside the camera.

The plug that fits your computer will be the same for every computer and camera combination. This is called the USB A plug. The plug that fits into your camera will depend on the make of your camera. This is known as the USB B plug and there are two varieties in common use on cameras, called Micro-B and Mini-B.

According to Wikipedia, the average expected life of a USB plug is 1500 connect/disconnect cycles.

Card ReaderCard Reader

Many cameras have a small amount of built-in memory for storing images. However, almost every camera also has a slot to hold a removable memory card which can store many more images. These cards come in a range of capacities.

Using this technique to upload images from the camera requires you to remove the memory card from the camera and place it in a special reader that then plugs into a computer's USB socket. There are a variety of different types of memory card in common use, such as Compact Flash, Secure Digital, and MultiMediaCard. Because of this, you need to be sure that the card reader supports the particular type of memory card that your camera uses.

WiFiWireless Connection

Some cameras support wireless connectivity. There are even memory cards that have their own wireless connectivty!

There are actually a number of different technologies that can be used for this. The most obvious is a standard WiFi connection, which is the same technology that a mobile device uses to connect to an internet hotspot. There is also a wireless system called Near Field Communication which is used by some cameras.

What ever the exact format used, this technology allows you to upload your images directly from your camera without needing a physical cable or a separate card reader.

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