FlowerDigital Image Theory

There are a number of different aspects of digital image theory that it is important to have some understanding of. Understanding some of this theory will help you take better photographs and also help you understand how to use some of the image processing techniques to better effect.


There are two different colour models that digital photographers need to understand. One, the RGB model, is used in the camera itself and in the computer. The other, the CMYK model, is used when you want to print an image.

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There are different ways of talking about resolution, depending on whether it is the camera, or the monitor or printer being considered.

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Image Formats & File Compression

In order to fit more images on a memory card, your camera is probably compressing the images. This can have an effect on the quality of the images being stored, which is why image compression is often referred to as "image quality" in camera settings.

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Exposure, ISO Settings and Digital Noise

The ISO setting on a camera is a measure of the sensitivity of the image sensor. The more sensitive it is, the more information it can capture at a given light level. However, if it is too sensitive, you can get a very noisy image.

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