Course Objectives

To be able to analyse and evaluate web page construction and design.

To be able to design and produce a web site to a given brief.

Course Coverage

The material presented here is intended to support the teaching of web development through a variety of SQA units. Although the units are at different award levels, the actual content is very similar. The specific units are listed here...

The Purpose Of This Site

This web site is intended to work in two ways.

Firstly, it provides a range of material, including articles describing key technical issues, detailed worked examples of web design techniques, and copious links to other resources on the web.

Secondly, the site itself is intended to serve as a set of examples. The source for the whole site is available to Carnegie College students. Ask your tutor where it currently lives!

Once you have looked at the site in a browser, take a copy and load it into Dreamweaver so that you can see how all the various effects have been achieved.