Tool Set

Learning to use the tools required to build a web site is a key part of the units this site supports. There are a variety of tools for each stage of the development process and the following pages give a description of what is available.


Although you probably think of a web browser only as a means of viewing web sites, they can also be an important tool for design and development, particularly with some additional tools. There are a wide range of browsers available; you should be familliar with the main contenders, and have an idea of their distribution.

BrowsersYou can find more detail on the different browsers, and how to use them as a design tool here...


It is possible to create an entire website using a standard word processor or, better, a simple plain text editor. Some of these tools provide additional help such as colour highlighting key elements as you write the HTML code.

EditorsThere is more information about using various text editors to create web pages here...


In order to upload your website onto a server, you will need an FTP client. This software allows you to connect to your web server and upload the latest versions of your pages.

FTP ClientsThere are a large number of alternatives available described here...

Integrated Development Environments

An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) brings together all of the separate tools discussed above (plus more) into a single package. For most developers, this is probably the prefered way of working as it provides a great deal of convenience.

FTP ClientsYou can find some introductory discussion on IDEs here...