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Dreamweaver is a complete package providing all the tools you need to implement and manage a web site.

The application was originally developed by a company called Macromedia, but this was acquired by Adobe in 2005. Adobe now continue development of Dreamweaver as part of their Creative Suite, now known as the Creative Cloud.

Dreamweaver provides a wealth of tools for web development. It includes tools for building web pages using both a visual layout approach and a code-based approach, and you can switch seemlessly between the two views. You can also use Dreamweaver to manage your sites, ensuring that you are uploading the latest version after each round of edits.

As you might imagine, such a comprehensive tool set is quite complex. The following pages introduce some of the key features of the Dreamweaver IDE (integrated development environment):

  1. The Dreamweaver Interface
  2. Creating and Managing Sites
  3. Creating New Pages
  4. Page Templates
  5. Creating a Server Login
  6. Uploading Your Site