The Dreamweaver Panel Groups

Panel GroupsOn the right hand side of the Dreamweaver window there are a range of panel groups, each with a different function. The example here shows the CSS panel and the Files panel open, and the other panels are hidden or closed. The CSS and Files panels are very useful for controling the visual appearance of page elements and managing your site.

If you want to expand any particular panel to fill the whole window, you can double click in its title bar.

Note that if you accidentally lose a panel, you can reopen it directly from the Window menu in the toolbar section.

The Styles Panel

This panel enables you to manipulate and manage style settings for your pages without having to learn all the details of manually programming cascading style sheets. You can link an existing style sheet to your page, define a new style rule using a comprehensive dialog-driven interface, and edit existing styles using the same dialog interface.

Most CSS options are available to you through the dialog interface, although for some of the more obscure settings you would still need to dig a little deeper into the properties portion of the CSS panel.

You can find some further discussion on this panel here.

The Files Panel

This panel allows you to manage the files in your site. It is important to remember that all file management such as renaming, moving or deleting a file should be doen through Dreamweaver and not using Windows Explorer. This ensures that all the links and references in you site are keep consistent. When you move or rename a file in Dreamweaver the program checks to see what other pages make reference to the file you are moving and offers to automatically update any links for you.

The panel also lets you manage your site assets by grouping together, for example, all the images that you have used anywhere in your site. This makes it easier to keep track of all the different design elements that you are using.

You can also synchronize your site with its remote copy, get and put individual files, and expand a large window showing both local and remote views from the Files toolbar.

Also, if you have set up the necessary information, then this panel also enables you to connect to your web server and upload your site.

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