Creating a Server Login

Once you have your site completed, you'll need to upload it to your hosting server to make it available on the internet. I previously discussed FTP client software, that allows you to do this. However, Dreamweaver includes a powerful, integrated tool to let you manage your remote site.

In order to be able to connect to your remote server, you will need to provide the appropriate login information. You may have set up this information when you created your site, but if you didn't you can add it at any time.

Open the site manager dialog, open your site for editing by double clicking on its name and then select the Servers catagory. To add a new server you click on the + button as higlighted below.

Server Dialog

You will then have to complete the information shown below, which will have been provided to you by your ISP.

FTP DialogueThe Server Name entry can be anything, this just identfies the settings.

You will normally connect using FTP. If you have to set anything else here, your ISP will have told you.

Likewise, the FTP address, username and password will all have been provided for you by your ISP. You will usually check the option to save the password, so you do not have to enter the information every time you need to access the server.

Once you have entered this information you can click the test button to make sure that the information is correct and Dreamweaver can connect to the server.

The final two options determine where on the server your website lives and the URL that will be used to access it. Again, your ISP should have provided you with the necessary information to complete these sections.

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