Implementing Basic Accessibility

On the following pages we will look at how to implement basic accessibility using a combination of JavaScript and CSS stylesheets. The basic appearance of a page, as usual, is controlled by a stylesheet. However, we will look at a technique for dynamically switching stylesheets based on user choice, where each particular stylesheet refelects a given accessibility design approach. Further, the choice made by the user should be stored so that it is reflected consistently across every page in the given site.


This techniques works by using mulitple stylesheets and selecting the appropriate one once the page is loaded depending on the user choices. These user choices are made through links in the top right of the page. Each link triggers a JavaScript function that loads a particular style sheet. Therefore, once you've got the simple JavaScript in place, most of the work is actually done in the stylesheets and document tagging.

For more details, refer to the simple version of an accessible site here...

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