Further Scripting Examples

The following examples assume that you've already worked through the detailed tutorial on creating a styled button. They give some examples of simple dynamic functions and you will need to look at the page source to see what is going on:

And here are some other pages that either discuss or use scripting in specific contexts:

The following examples have no tutorial descriptions, but the code is well commented and if you've followed the other examples, you should be able to figure out what is going on:

And if you still want more, you can check out some of the other pages on my various sites that use scripting and try and figure out how they work:

Finally, if you're up for a real challenge, then the following examples from my programming site should keep you busy for a while:

Finally, you can also find a game on my Yijing site here. This is implemented in JavaScript and works either as a solitaire game or a multiplayer game, where all the players are playing on the same computer. This program is a good example of managing state within a page.

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