JavaScript Slideshow

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Let's go through the steps for creating a slideshow.

Preparing the Images

Before we get in to the details of applying the script, there are some basic preparations needed for the images. Because each image is going to be displayed in the same box, it is best if they are all the same size.

Place all the images that you want to have in the slideshow in a convenient location in your site. To keep this example simple, I have put the images in the same folder as these pages, but you might want to put them in a separate folder for images.

Getting the Scripts

There are four components to this: a script, and three images (two PNGs and a GIF).

All of these files, along with instructions on how to use them, can be found here. Go to the page download these components and place them in an appropriate location in your site. For convenience, I have placed the script and images in the same folder as these pages, but you might prefer to save the script into an include folder and the image into an img folder.

Please take note of the copyright notice for the script. You are required to include this in your page if you use this script.

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