CSS - Further Reading

Cascading Style Sheets, their selectors and rules, is a large topic which we've only scratched here. In addition to the specific links given on the previous pages, the following websites offer more tutorials that you might find useful.

First up, an entire website devoted to teaching CSS. It has an introduction section and three detailed tutorials:

As you might expect, the W3Schools site also has an extensive CSS tutorial. Their "Try It Yourself" options make experimenting with the rules very easy:

If you want a comprehensive discussion of all the different ways that selectors can be used to target your style rules, the article below is an excellent resource:

All of these sites take a code-based approach to teaching you how to use CSS, so you'll need to relate what they show you back to the visual interface approach taken by Dreamweaver.

Finally, the following website lets you see the same page rendered with different styles sheets - the effects are really something:

Remember, the content of the page remains the same each time, only visual presentation is being changed!