Text Formatting

If you are used to creating formatted documents in a word processor, then the facilities offered by Dreamweaver to format HTML text will be very familiar to you. The image below shows the Properties window when the cursor is in text - this gives you access to all the basic text formatting commands:

Text Properties Text Format Hyperlink (HREF) Target Frame

You will probably (hopefully) recognize the buttons for Bold, Italic, left align, centre align, right align and justify, along with the buttons for bulleted and numbered lists, indenting and outdenting text.

Apologies - note that the dialog above is for Dreamweaver CS3. This has changed a little in Dreamweaver CS5 - the task of updating all these dialogues is a little daunting...

Note that most formatting tasks would usually be best achieved using CSS style rules. That topic is covered elsewhere, here we will only look at the basic options for formatting text directly.

You can click on some parts of the image above to go to a section describing the relevant features, or chose from the list below: