Useful Links

As you might imagine, there are loads of interesting sites about web design. Here are a few...

Every Web Designer Should Read This

Web Pages That Suck

Developing good web pages that work requires some understanding of what doesn't work! In particular, the following checklists are very useful reading:

  1. 149 Mortal Sins That Will Send Your Site to Web Design Hell
  2. 83 Potential Mortal Sins

You may not agree with all of the points, but there are an awful lot of good points in there.

DreamWeaver Tutorials

The Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 reference page:

How to get things done in Dreamweaver:

General Tutorials

General tutorials about web design:

More Detailed Technical Tutorials

These sites offer more technical articles and tutorials:

News and Views

The following magazine sites are a good source of material: - includes a weekly website critique

Technical Reference

Technical reference material for when you want all the gory details:

Other Stuff

A good source for free fonts:

Excellent source of JavaScript: