AndreasDr Andreas Schöter

Who...? That's a difficult question. If you'll forgive me, I'll sidestep that and just tell you some of the things that I'm interested in...


I am a full-time lecturer in computing, a member of the computing team at Forth Valley College. At the moment I am mainly teaching units in Software Development at a variety of levels from Higher to Degree.

My most fluent languages are:

And I have varying degrees of familiarity with the following development environments:

You can find more information about programming at my (still developing) subsite here.

I teach the traditional Chinese art of Taiji Quan (Wu-Cheng Style). Although my academic commitments have meant I have scaled back my activities in this area, in the past I have enjoyed working with community and mental health groups in the Edinburgh area, as well as more traditional martial-focussed classes. Further, I pursue on-going research into the logical structure of the Yijing (an ancient Chinese text on the theory of yin and yang), with numerous papers published in peer-reviewed journals and invited presentations at international conferences in China in 2010 and Taiwan in 2005.

More information about my Taiji and Yijing activities is available on my Yijing site.

And, when I have a moment, which is not often enough, I like to tinker with electronic music, some of which you can listen to here.


I previously taught part-time (0.6fte) at Fife College, (previously known as Carnegie College), in Dunfermline, Scotland. I taught Digital Media, specializing in Web Development along with delivering some image processes courses. When I first joined the college I lectured in Software Development until the computing department was axed. As part of this job, I studied for and completed my TQFE at Dundee University.

Before Carnegie Fife College, I worked part-time as a Computer Training Officer for Midlothian Council: developing training materials for the staff, working in Adult Education, and doing bits of web development for them from time to time.

Before that I was Lead Systems Architect for Intertrader Ltd., where I designed and helped develop an on-line payment system that enabled smart cards (anyone remember Mondex?) to communicate and transfer value across the internet. The company won innovation awards for that software. If only electronic cash had gone mainstream I'd be retired and wealthy now!

And prior to that I was a full time academic...

I was a Research Assistant for a year in the Mathematical Reasoning Group (before I was convinced to become a commercial developer). At the time this was part of the Department of Artificial Intelligence, in the University of Edinburgh.

My PhD is in the area of Computational Models of Natural Reasoning, which was awarded by the Centre for Cognitive Science, University of Edinburgh. Like the Department of Artificial Intelligence, the Centre for Cognitive Science is now part of the School of Informatics.

Before that I was awarded an MSc (Distinction) in Cognitive Science, specializing in Logic and Computational Linguistics, from the Centre for Cognitive Science, University of Edinburgh.

Which brings us all the way back to my BA (1st Class Honours) in Computing and Artificial Intelligence from the School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences, University of Sussex.

And before that even, having messed up my first shot at FE, I went back to Exeter College as a mature student to study computer science and English literature at A Level. By a strange quirk of fate, my brother now works at that same college as their Senior Web Developer.

Having been a mature student myself, at FE and HE, I have an appreciation of what it takes to come back into education as an adult, and what, as an adult, people often bring to the process that younger folk sometimes miss.